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Is your jaw aching, especially when you awaken? Do you grind your teeth? Are your teeth getting worn down or feeling sore? Are you suffering from headaches? Are the headaches or other pain so severe that over the counter medications aren’t relieving the pain? If so, you may be having trouble with your TMJ. TMJ actually stands for Temporomandibular Joint–which is the name of the point of your jaw where it moves. Many people say they have “TMJ” when they really mean TMD–which is a disorder pertaining to the TMJ.

If you are suffering from TMD in your TMJ or are struggling with headaches, we offer an excellent TMJ treatment. It is a custom made mouthguard that you wear while you’re sleeping. If your TMD is severe, you can use the TMJ treatment mouthguard during the day, too, if needed.

Symptoms of TMD that require TMJ Treatment

  • Headaches that can’t always be controlled with over the counter medication.
  • Neck aches and even pain in your ears can signal TMD and the need for TMJ treatment.
  • Teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold or feel achy and sore could signal TMD and the need for TMJ treatment.
  • If you find yourself grinding your teeth, for it is almost subconscious, you may benefit from TMJ treatment.

We can also recommend some things you can do to help provide your personal TMJ treatment, such as reducing your stress. Stress is a huge contributor to TMD.

Sometimes TMD can become so serious that you can’t move your TMJ at all. Your mouth is either locked shut or you can’t shut it at all. If you have found yourself suffering with this, or are having severe recurring headaches, call and make an appointment today. We want to help put those headaches and other problems behind you. Call us today!

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