Six Month Smiles – Cosmetic Braces System

Chances are, if you’re reading this, your smile isn’t something that you are proud of. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic system that provides a fast and economical way for adults to begin smiling with confidence. Regardless of age or gender, EVERYONE should be able to smle with confidence! Six Month Smiles Consultations are FREE! Set one up with Dr. Bauer today! Call (701) 652-2801.

Mia with her clear braces on.

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Sedation Dentistry

Are you part of the 50% of the population that experiences fear of going to the dentist? We understand your fear. It’s okay to feel the way you do. Many of our patients feel much the same way. We understand that many of our patients want to have a healthy mouth and teeth that last, but have had the obstacle of fear keep them from attaining this. Our caring team can talk to you about how we can help you have the healthy, bright smile you’ve been wanting, while being able to jump over the hurdle of fear and dental anxiety. Many times conscious sedation is the answer. Our patients come in and get their dentistry done pain free, many times in a single visit, and go home with little memory of the visit. If there was a way that you could have your dental treatment accomplished in minimal visits, with no pain and little memory of this experience, would you be encouraged to seek out dental care? Hopefully the answer is a resounding YES! We can help. Call our office at (701) 652-2801 for a FREE SEDATION CONSULTATION.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants are great. In years past, a person would have to resort to having a removable partial denture or a have a three tooth bridge made just to replace a single tooth. Today, a revolutionary alternative to dentures and bridges is a dental implant. To fill the gap from a missing tooth, we sink a permanent bone stimulating anchor down below the gum and then securely place a beautiful replica (a crown) of the original tooth on top. Implant technology, surfaces and designs have come a long way. We are able to achieve near life-like esthetics. Implants can be used to anchor a loose fitting denture also. Many times we can retro fit an existing denture. Sometimes, the best results are achieved by having a new denture made, particularly if there is significant wear and tear on the existing denture. Please call our office (701) 652-2801 to find out more or e-mail us at

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